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02/28/17 at 07:45:38 

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About the volume knob (Read 8316 times)
Juan Antonio
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Re: About the volume knob
Reply #15 - 10/30/09 at 01:55:04
Hi Steve,

It seems to be the CSP2 itself because I test it with alternative power cords and well known interconnects, and nothing change. The Xhadow Silver Interconnects are the current cables between the CD player and the CSP2, but they are fine, I tested them apart.

The CD player is grounded to earth. I also test the CSP2 with an alternative source, in this case a DAC. This DAC is not grounded, but doesn't matter, the same effects occur.

I have a little more information if it could be useful for you (I'm not good at explaining these things in English Tongue):

When the CSP2 is under these effects, there's no noise at all, 100% clean and inaudible when the volume control is all the way down. When I connect the output on the fly, the typical electrical noise appears, but of course, the music sounds normal and good when I increase the volume.
Another point is that under these effects and when the volume control is almost all the way down, (in other words, it's when the music starts sounding) it sounds reasonably normal and good with the vocals and bass there. Also the balance is centered, the left and right channel are in the same level, not possible when the output is grounded (the left channel appears increasing more the volume). But of course, the little you increase the volume, the less the vocals and bass are present. It's like if the mids and bass had a very poor volume and the high frequency is the only thing that you can increase with the volume control.

PD: Steve, I recommend you a Mac. I've got one and the benefits are noticeable over PCs. But of course, having Windows installed too when necessary. Wink

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