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06/22/18 at 21:27:38 


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Dangerous to do a wooden case? (Read 2966 times)
Steve Deckert

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Dangerous to do a wooden case?
10/18/09 at 02:19:23

Would it be dangerous (ventilation and temperature wise) to put the zkit1 build inside a wooden box? The local machine shops are charging upwards of $300 to punch out the necessary holes for the chassis. I have found a local woodworker who is far more reasonable. Casing everything in a wooden box would result in something much cheaper. However, would it be safe?

Also, could I perhaps screw the sockets to the top of the chassis (metal or wooden), install the spacers, mount the board on the spacers and then solder the sockets on to the board? I am scared that after some tube rolling, the sockets might come loose perhaps. If this fear is unfounded please let me know.



Hi Anurag,

The wooden case shouldn't be a big problem.  Just be sure the amp is properly fused.  As far as the sockets go, just get yourself a tube pin straightener and keep all your pins straight.  No need to mount the sockets to the chassis.

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Re: Dangerous to do a wooden case?
Reply #1 - 10/18/09 at 02:29:58
thanks a ton for the reply steve.

i get the kit on monday and am going through the preparatory stages for a pair of monitors and needless to say, far too many questions are popping up and had i not thought of them, i would have been stuck with a pair of speakers that would be sealed forever. i figured i would start planning the casework for the amp before i put anything together just in case similar concerns pop up again.

surely i will come up with questions once i start building but i certainly am excited. it shall be my first tube amp build.


anurag. (mostly people call me cj)
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Re: Dangerous to do a wooden case?
Reply #2 - 05/20/12 at 05:38:08

_MG_7789 par raduschkamuschka, sur Flickr
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