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The Mini Torii SE at the mini HornFest (Read 3255 times)
Randy in Caintuck
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The Mini Torii SE at the mini HornFest
09/22/09 at 04:22:26
Steve was kind enough to ship a Mini Torii SE to Ed Schilling's home for the mini fest that took place this past weekend.

There were some serious - and I mean SERIOUS - amplifiers at the fest ..... including one that retails for $30,000.00 + and it was encouraging to note that the Mini Torii SE gave a very good account of itself .....  

It did a fine job of powering The Horns and is a very safe option for anyone who is looking for a great amp to pair with Ed's speakers.

One interesting item of note.  If you get a chance to hear this amplifier, don't even think of forming an opinion of its potential until it has been playing music for at least 30 minutes.

We had it hooked up and everyone in the room was thinking that it sounded "pretty good".  I left the room to get an adult beverage and when I returned I plopped down in the same seat where I had been sitting.  After one sip, I looked around the room and asked if someone had changed something while I was gone ..... because the sound was several orders of magnitude better than it was before I left.

Several of the other listeners piped in and said that they were thinking exactly the same thing .....  

I'm pretty much used to an amplifier needing some time to "warm up", but this went way beyond that ..... amazing.

Chalk up another winner in the Decware amplifier stable .....  

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Re: The Mini Torii SE at the mini HornFest
Reply #1 - 09/22/09 at 04:43:53
Thanks for that, Randy. I've not heard that amp, but have wondered if having "mini" included in it's designation isn't somehow handicapping it's true status?
-Hope you are well,
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Steve Deckert

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Re: The Mini Torii SE at the mini HornFest
Reply #2 - 09/22/09 at 17:52:47
The effect you experienced is due to the tube regulation which takes 20 minutes to completely stabilize.  Once it has stabilized and locked in, well, look out.  ;)

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Re: The Mini Torii SE at the mini HornFest
Reply #3 - 09/24/09 at 02:51:00
The Mini Torii is small only in size. The sound is big and the amp has plenty of muscle, as you all heard at the horn fest. I am waiting for the return of mine after a minor repair.
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Re: The Mini Torii SE at the mini HornFest
Reply #4 - 10/01/09 at 16:42:43
I'm rather excited about is the final version of our original Zen Triode amplifier, the SE84C, in a further improved chassis done in a white powder coat finish and updated with better binding posts and better volume control!

hi steve , is my upcoming MinitoriSEX will have this new volume control?  carbon , plastic or res one? Cool
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