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06/19/18 at 03:40:26 


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Updated Binding Posts, Anybody? (Read 2385 times)
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Updated Binding Posts, Anybody?
09/17/09 at 11:10:11
  Has anybody updated to the new gold binding posts on the white SE84C+ ? If so, what does Steve want for them(DIY) and/or installed?

  Also, has Steve ever modified anybodies Select internally from stereo to mono & plug the front binding post holes(I'm assuming that under the plastic binding posts are two holes on each side of the transformer)?


Thanks for any responses,
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Re: Updated Binding Posts, Anybody?
Reply #1 - 09/17/09 at 15:14:14
The binding posts are $30 a pair - $80 if we install them and test the amp.

Usually, when I convert an SE84 series amp to mono, I simply parallel the output to both sets of binding posts so that you can use either side, both sides, or one post from each side.  On the inputs I simply parallel both RCA jacks together.

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