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06/20/18 at 13:54:10 


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Scratchy sound in left channel. Please help diagno (Read 1592 times)
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Scratchy sound in left channel. Please help diagno
09/01/09 at 06:32:59
Hello Everyone,

Not sure if it has been there the whole time but recently I have been hearing a somewhat scratchy sound coming out of the left channel speaker.

ZCD to Tori to bookshelfs.

Scratchy sound is not there when system is paused, or between quiet passages or anything like that.

I couldn't tell you it happens exactly at a certain freq but then again I couldn't estimate that frequency anyway.

Doesn't seem to be totally volume related (I certainly seem to here it more with higher volume) but that make sense. Meaning it doesn't represent a higher percentage of sound at a higher volume than it does at low volume.

Doesn't really sound like cliping, and i'm playing at low volume too and I know the tori has way more gas that this.

Not sure what it is. If anyone could help me trouble shoot that would be great.

Stuff I've tried:

-making sure tubes are inserted properly.

-tested different cds

-diff volume levels

Maybe my tweet is half fried? Guess I should switch speaks and see it if moves over. That would take the tori out of the question.  :-?
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Re: Scratchy sound in left channel. Please help diagno
Reply #1 - 09/01/09 at 21:16:54

Seeing how its only doing it on one channel, if it doesn't follow the the speakers when you try that, try these things.....

Swap L/R outputs for the ZCD player

If that doesn't help try the stock outputs, that will eliminate that the ZCD tube hasn't gone.

If that doesn't find it try swapping tubes from the left side of the Torri-II to the right side and right to left, doing this one set of tubes at a time, starting with the inputs, then the power tubes then the rectifiers and finally the voltage regulator tubes.

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Re: Scratchy sound in left channel. Please help diagno
Reply #2 - 09/02/09 at 17:48:31
That's darned good advice from Bob, I would advise you try this.
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