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Removal of FE206EM phase plug. (Read 2623 times)
Crazy Bill the Eel Killer
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Removal of FE206EM phase plug.
08/28/09 at 16:24:21
Hello all,
I'd like to experiment with different phase plugs, which will require the removal of the socket that's there now. Does anyone know if its held on by the magnet, and therefore I can carefully pull it off, or is it glued on, and therefore much more difficult ( or impossible ) to remove ). My HDT's were built in 2003 if that matters.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Cheers,                 Crazy Bill
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Re: Removal of FE206EM phase plug.
Reply #1 - 08/28/09 at 20:01:54

  If they have the socket, and I mean a real socket, they are probably not glued, if they are early chrome phase guides, more than likely not glued, if they are the new white phase guides, they are differently glued.

Just push on the side at the very top of the guide, it will start to pop off the side you are pushing against.  It does take a bit of pressure to push it, but use caution  anyway.  Another thing to try, if they are the real deal sockets, you can use a 1/2" driver extension from a socket wrench set, push on it sideways after inserting it into the square receptacle. Let leverage be your friend.

 You don't think they fell exactly into place the first time, do you? I've had a lot of experience pushing these things around trying to center them.

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