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06/20/18 at 06:33:55 


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Taboo or SE84ZS amp question ! (Read 1046 times)
Steve Deckert

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Taboo or SE84ZS amp question !
08/03/09 at 21:01:18

In perusing your web site looking  for amps to drive newly acquired vintage Klipschhorns (upgraded with new crossovers,new tweeters and new diaphragms), I found with interest the SE84ZS and the SE84TS.

I would appreciate your recommendation as to which amp would better serve my means. I'm currently using a Dared SL 2000-A as a preamp.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Bill,

The Klipschhorns will reach a conversational listening level with either amplifier.  I've owned a pair and the only downside with the SE84ZS amplifier is that 2 watts would get the speakers easily past my normal listening level, yet the speaker would tease you into thinking you have more power than you do so when you turn it up it teases you to turn it up even more and then it runs out of power.

Also, if you are used to listening to them with Classical music in a large open space at live concert levels, the SE84ZS will gently clip when the music gets really busy or explosive.  The solution to that is to get a second one and run one amp per speaker as mono blocks.

The SE84ZS will come to full power with the 2 volts from your CD player or DAC giving you the opportunity to hear what it sounds like to have a single coupling cap and two resistors in the signal path between your source and your amplifier.

The Taboo requires a preamp with gain to really develop it's weight and power (about 3 to 5 volts) so if you listened to it without a preamp, the sound will be a little lean, and you'd have to turn the taboo's volume control all the way up.

Between the two amps, the Taboo is rather special provided the right preamp is in front of it, however it can't be bridged into mono. It would however likely have close to the same power as a pair of the SE84ZS amps.

The SE84ZS will run loads between 2 and 8 ohms.  One guy has a pair of K-Horns, a pair of JBL L-100's and a pair of Control 10's all hooked in parallel on his SE84ZS.  The amp likes it, and volume and weight are abundant.

The Taboo will run loads between 4 and 16 ohms.  It also would not care for paralleled or series speaker configurations.

- Steve Deckert
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