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06/20/18 at 16:05:22†

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Here is another tastey build (Read 1554 times)
Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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Here is another tastey build
07/15/09 at 23:20:20

Hey Steve,

My server died tonight or Iíd put the pictures up myself butÖ I thought you might like a shot of the finished amp. I ordered some caps for the CCE mod and a couple .1uf 600v audio grade coupling caps that Iíll stick in later but I just canít get over how fantastic this amp sounds. My wife was getting angry at me for disappearing upstairs to my listening room for hours at a time so I had to move the amp down to the living room as it burns in lol, consequently she loves it almost as much as I do.  

I canít wait for more info on the dac youíre working on, Iím eager to hear impressions and the price point. What do you think, will it find its way into the Zkit zone?  

I connected the SE84DIY to my Simple 5687 pre and bass response was much improved but the hum from my preamp was so much more pronounced when heard through the Zen I couldnít stand it, but the increase in low end punch convinces me that Iím going to thank myself if I get the ZSP1 next. The transformer on my preamp is old and hums like an old crazy personÖ if I were to dig up a new trans and transplant it Iím sure I could eliminate the hum or greatly reduce it. Anyhow, thanks again for such an amazing amp, I hope at some point Iím able to attend a Dec Fest J.



Looks really nice!   Too soon to tell on the DAC but by next year anything might happen.


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