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04/01/15 at 15:37:37

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My SE84-DIY Build in Pictures (Read 2665 times)
Alan H
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My SE84-DIY Build in Pictures
07/14/09 at 13:50:41
A detailed photographic record of my amp construction. Yes I've still got to put some links in - but here it is, warts and all.


I enjoyed the build - depite the inevitable aarghs. I was fully prepared for it to sound very similar to my Charlize - but to my delight it is a significant and very enjoyable upgrade.

Cheers Steve!
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Re: My SE84-DIY Build in Pictures
Reply #1 - 07/14/09 at 17:05:03
Wow, good work, looks beautiful!
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Re: My SE84-DIY Build in Pictures
Reply #2 - 07/14/09 at 19:44:10
nice job! I'm still waiting on my CCE caps, and my parts express order should be here today with my Audiocaps along with it Smiley I have about 40hrs on the amp so far and I love it.
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