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Decware Logo / Transfer (Read 998 times)
Alan H
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Decware Logo / Transfer
07/13/09 at 23:32:08
Just stained the wood on my SE84DIY. Fairly chuffed!

Steve - how about a Decware logo / transfer that we DIYers could put on our efforts?
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Re: Decware Logo / Transfer
Reply #1 - 07/14/09 at 00:13:41
I would be VERY interested in this as I've been looking for something already, I'd much rather have something endorsed by Steve however. I've had several friends come over to listen, one buddy of mine just stared at it for the length of a couple songs and then finally looked up at me and all he could say was "how do you make it sound so good?!" when I told him it was only 2 watts well... that started a whole nuther conversation lol.  ;D
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