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06/24/18 at 01:57:07 


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wiring PT to IEC (Read 1642 times)
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wiring PT to IEC
06/30/09 at 17:51:56
Just want to make sure...(i got the E to ground correct) The hard part for me is making sure I'm wiring the PT to IEC correctly.  I'm going to attach Black and White to top right of IEC (fuse on other side).  Then attach blk/white and the Brown to the Neutral (the 'middle' tab) and then bottom tab (E) to ground on pcb.  Correct?
Will send photo when done.  This has been fun. My first kit, as if you could not tell.  BTW..thanks for link to the Klipsch forum re: the kit build. It helped. (I'm not changing caps yet!!!!)
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Re: wiring PT to IEC
Reply #1 - 07/08/09 at 16:27:41
sounds to me like you've got it right, double check yourself here http://www.decware.com/newsite/SE84CDIY.pdf  the schem has the wire colors labled etc. I had the same problem as you till I picked up on this. Wink
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