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01/20/17 at 01:43:26 

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Contact Inhancers (Read 951 times)
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Contact Inhancers
06/22/09 at 15:51:46
I've been so focused trying to put my system together that I have forgotten a tweak I had tried on my previous tube system that worked very well. This stuff is called Quicksilver Gold. You apply this silvery paste in very,very small amounts to the ENDS of your tube pins and they say it makes for better contact with the electrical signal. Seems to fill in the small poures of the metal. The stuff really did work especially on my ARC tube amp when I had the stuff. It really increased the low bass response on the amp. I have not tried it yet on the 84C But will later on. The stuff is somewhat expensive. I think $150.00 for a small vial.The only thing is u need to be careful and not put to much of the stuff on .You can create a short and an some sparks flying if used incorrectly.
Don C. Shocked
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Stone Deaf
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Re: Contact Inhancers
Reply #1 - 06/23/09 at 17:24:29
I used Mapleshade Silclear on a couple of pieces of equipment and can't say I really noticed any great improvement. Maybe there was some subtle improvement but nothing that jumped out and shook me. I decided to fore go treating my Decware at least for the time being since I like to change tubes and hate cleaning pins.
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My system: Decware Taboo, CSP2, ZP3, Pro-Ject RM 10 / Grado Reference Sonata, Adcom 700, ERR Radials, Lots of Mapleshade, Kimber and Herbie's stuff.
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