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06/20/18 at 15:43:11 


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05/14/09 at 15:14:41
Well Steve has finally received my Tascam Player for all the mods to be done on it.Boy USPS waa slow took them almost 12 days to ship to him. In the mean time I have been busy tweaking out my system in anticipation of the return of the full blown moded out Tascam.
Well what have I done.
1. Replaced the receptacle with a cryo'd Power Port 20 amp Hubbel
2. replaced the Wall Plate as well with a steel one and applied Deflex paneling to the back side of the wall plate and front side to reduce vibrations.
3. Added Deflex Paneling around the front of my Signature 95's speaker cabinet on the outside around the drivers. Already have the inside of the speakers 80 percent covered internally with Deflex.
4. Making a monsterous diy power cord from solid core 4 Gauge
cooper. Found some at my local hardware store for $1.09 a foot.
the neutral and hot leg I have totally isolated from each other in its own clear polypropelene  tubing. The trick is trying to terminate this monsterous solid core cooper.Even the expensive connectors made by the high end market can only accept up to 10 guage only.
So I am improvising and using as lead outs the original wires from both ends of a standard computer power cord and leaving the ground wire intact in its original sleeve, and soldering the other leads to a spade lug and the open ended spade is opened up to accept  the 4 gage and crimped down for tight fit over the 4 gage solid core wire and then carefully soldered in plce as well filling in any small cracks
or microscopic tiny spaces.
Well my system already has dramatically sounded much better then before even without the ZCD.
So it will be interesting to hear it when I get it back.
Don C. Grin
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Reply #1 - 05/14/09 at 16:03:14
Best of luck!  I sincerely hope that the ZCD is all you want it to be!

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