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01/23/17 at 14:44:46 

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best place in signal flow for zbox? (Read 3134 times)
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best place in signal flow for zbox?
05/03/09 at 00:43:49
Hi Folks,
I'm wondering where in the signal flow would be the best place for the zbox?  Given that I'd like all my sources to "zboxed" I have the choice of A) using the Decware Rotary 6 switchbox for all my inputs, followed by the zbox into one amp input.  Or, B) I can input my sources directly into the amp and use the amp's tape loop for the zbox?  Any suggestions or comments are much appreciated...thank you in advanced.
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Re: best place in signal flow for zbox?
Reply #1 - 05/04/09 at 10:03:16
I am using it as CDP to ZB to Amp.

shreekant Smiley
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Re: best place in signal flow for zbox?
Reply #2 - 05/07/09 at 05:34:22
Hi Mario,

FWIW, the zbox sounds best in my rig if it is before the preamp. I tried it after and didn't care for it much.

I have also found I prefer the signal from my phono preamp "un-zboxed"....


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