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01/24/17 at 07:12:14 

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Different boxes (Read 1941 times)
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Different boxes
04/06/09 at 00:25:56
OK, first off... very impressive site guys. I have no doubt most are gonna think 'what an idiot' heh heh that's ok, I'm fairly new at this and its been a long time since I've tackled anything like this. Now that the kids are grown and I don't need the backseat in my 95 ext cab Silverado I took it out and put in a bandpass box with 2 Fosgate HE2 10s behind a 800 watt Kenwood amp. I just ordered 2 Hifonics BXi1606D amps and will be getting new subs soon also but was thinking about trying out the Wicked one on my HE2s. Being an experienced carpenter with a little extra time on my hands I saw a couple different designs that I really liked. Any suggestions from those obviously more experienced than me would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Different boxes
Reply #1 - 04/11/09 at 01:07:56
I have built several Wicked Ones, but I'm not into car audio at all. I can't really advise on your truck, but I do know good sound when I hear it.

I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised, if you do a decent job building a full sized (thirty six inch by thirty six inch by about fourteen inch) WO. Your carpentry skills give you quite an advantage over many. As long as your joints are well cut, strong, well glued, air tight and you build it to Steve's specifications, it will work with almost any decent pair of ten inch drivers.

It is a fairly large enclosure, but bang for the buck, it's really hard to beat.

I built my first pair out of MDF and spent about a hundred bucks on materials, put ebay, used drivers in them and never looked back. I have since built some larger, more carefully constructed versions and this design has never failed to impress.

Just DO IT!

BTW, no one will criticize you much here.  The folk here are mostly interested in helping each other, in order to earn bragging rights.
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