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Parker Signature 95 mods (Read 1363 times)
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Parker Signature 95 mods
02/26/09 at 14:25:52
Well I made these speakers come to life for my system and will be reaping the happy outcome for as long as I own these wonderful speakers.I had left a message with Mr. Parker explaining my excitment and I thought I wuld pass it along with other Signature 95 owners.
I took all 22 inches or so of the internal stuffing out of the speakers?
Why? Well the speakers I have were factory built with the Deflex Paneling installed in the top half of the internal speakers cabinet, and I had read that the people at Deflex recommend the removal of the stuffing and let the Delex do the work intended for the cabinets.
So this is what I did and the sound quality improved.The imaging tightened up and the speakers sounded like they gained another 3 DB Output. I do not have a radio shack hand held meter,But in my large living room of 13' by 27 feet I did hear a substantial increase in SLP Levels. I can run the amp in Triode Mode most the time now which I could not do before on my SET 84 due to the large size of my listening area,But all that has changed now.
  I also went a step further and changed out the internal wire with some special single solid core cyro treated wire I've had for a long time in my IC home brew long 6 foot cord.
So this took awhile to do. I had to cut into my IC, AND TOOK ABOUT 1.5 FEET OF THAT APART.I have almost 7 seperate real small conductors running in the cable in its own heat shrink tubes. So I reused those individual wires in the heat shrink tubes and installed them in the Parkers and ,Well lets just say I only slept 4 hours today from spinning CD;s half the night long. Some of the cyro wire is in the Select as well. WOW the speakers really sound very musical now.
You can really hear huge spaces surrounding all the instuments and the volcals sound like the real thing. Not like a recording But scary real.The timming of all the notes come out so fast and clear,But now have that organtic quality of a smooth refinded sound no matter how much I push the amp or the speakers.The Firebird suite was playing at full tilt last night and I was simply amazed that I could not get it to sound hard even at the end of the piece it just had this tremendous bloom and naturalness to the sound.I hear no hardness at all to the sound and the speakers have this richness to the sound I have not heard before and a roundness to every note that makes it sound like every note has body and texture to it.
So u guessed it I am a firm beleiver in cryo of the wire and the combined effect of the wire througout the system has really made it into a very magical musical experience and I know it will get much better once I get a ZCD for playback.
 I have on order 4 more Deflex panels to completely pad the remaining inside of the back wall of the speakers end of the week and will report back my findings. In the mean time I will hunt down the local libraries for their Audio CD's I can check out and listen to hear more treasures from the past.
Don Curry
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