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Fi X 45/2A3 Don Garber Amp (Read 5414 times)
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Fi X 45/2A3 Don Garber Amp
02/25/09 at 20:15:22
Hi -

I'm selling my Fi X amp. I purchased the amp approx 3 years back and have had in my main listening room since (yet periodically swapped w/my Zen). Either way, wonderful sounding amp yet is rated an 8 since I'm not the original owner. The amp, at one time, was sent to Don for Magnequest transformer swap. Included w/the amp:

- all tubes shown w/the amp, 1 pair 2A3C, Syl 5Y3, 1 pair rca 6SF5 (consider these used yet working fine)
- Sovtek 2 A3, pair
- Sovtek 5v4G pair
- Sylvania 5V4GA pair
- GE 6SF5 pair
- Tung Sol 6SF5 pair
Price includes shipping USPS in the US of A. And covers ppal fees. This has been a wonderful amp in my system, hope it finds a nice new home. Original box included.  $1100 SOLD... Thanks Steve for the space.  

Contact: chrvans@hotmail.com


FYI:  The funds for this sale will go towards a good cause (hint: think steve's new creation.......) Grin
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