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help wanted from the experts (Read 1583 times)
Andy B
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help wanted from the experts
02/22/09 at 13:11:10
I am thinking about purchasing the Decware DM944's and using my old Marantz pm 66 to power them. I will feed the whole thing with an Ipod through the new Wadia iTransport and a Cambridge audio DacMagic........ Any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated.


Andy Barnett
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Re: help wanted from the experts
Reply #1 - 02/22/09 at 16:28:19

 First off, you will never know until you try it, at least you can use it as a stepping stone to your new amp.

In my room, right now I'm using an old Marantz 2270 circa 1974 using the main in, fronted by the CSP2 as the preamp and the Zen CD player, with wonderful results. When I tried this receiver using the Marantz built in preamp it was way to lush/mushy,  way to much mid range presence, and  it imaged like crap.  I use it for break in but if I get lazy, which happens more often than not, I just leave the Marantz in for the night.

 When you come over, you can take home with you my Taboo to see how you like it in your system, to give you a bit of the tube sound.

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