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06/18/18 at 16:45:53 


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I HAVE PARKER SIGNATURE 95'S (Read 2259 times)
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02/16/09 at 00:42:02
Well I may have written up my 84C Zen Amp review to soon now that I have the Parker 95's used already fully broken in I can see now
why Steve loves these speakers so much with his amp.Both together they put out a wonderful transparent very fast sound with lightning transient speed and a top end with a huge sense of space and air.
WOW,WOW.But it does lay to bear your front end; which in my case is an old nice Toshiba DVD player 5 disk changer. So u guessed it my next upgrade is Steves Tascam 160mk2 with all mods done to it.
Once I get that I'll probably be ordering take out for awhile while gluded to my ;listening chair.
But already I'm having this good problem just listening to disk after disk.Well how much better can this get.
I think alot better as a matter of fact.
I did listen to a system costing almost 130K 2 WEEKS AGO,and I would strongly make the case from the mid band thru the extreme highs I prefer my system sound to what I heard that day already.
Steve must be making some of these high end people quake in their shoes.
I must say the 84C Amp must be driven with a proper speaker interface or u just don't know the full potential of what the amp is capable of at all. The only thing I'm missing is deep bass response
which maybe I'll get a fast sub and try to use an output on a CPS2;
that is when I come to getting that as well.
This is so much fun this hobby and re-discovering your cd collection with each upgrade in the quest for the DECWARE SYSTEM.
Happy Listening
Don C.
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the empty into the

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Reply #1 - 02/16/09 at 23:59:02
You have some nice, synergistic equipment going. Introducing the ZCD into the chain will make an enormous difference!  The front-end is so often overlooked, or under appreciated it's very curious indeed. Folks will spend tons on speakers, tweaks, & etc. and overlook the source!
Good Luck!
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Decware SE34I w/ CCE mod, ZCD, Heybrook/Linn/Clearaudio, Hagerman,
Goertz/Wireworld/cat-5/MarkAudio Alpair 10.2 drivers
(eN) in DIY Mar-Ken cabs
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