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new to this game (Read 1941 times)
Andy B
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new to this game
02/10/09 at 12:53:41
I am new to the world of tubes and would like some help. I would like to create a simple system ( OK, low budget) using my IPOD as a source. Maybe I am in over my head and should just buy a Fatman.  A simple schematic of how the necessary parts are connected would be helpful.
Can anyone post pictures of their system so that I can visualize what it may look like in my home.

Thank you in advance for your input.
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Re: new to this game
Reply #1 - 02/10/09 at 14:29:50
Well, I have a bedroom system utilizing the Wadia iTransport and a Peachtree Audio Decco integrated amplifier with built in Scott Nixon DAC and excellent bookshelf speakers. . . .

Wadia iTransport: http://www.musicdirect.com/product/82178

Peachtree Decco system:

This system allows you to get the most out of your iPod.  The iTransport is the only device that pulls digital files from your iPod. The DAC in the Decco amplifier is very nice, a non-oversampling device that sounds very clear and precise to me.  The amplifier has a 6922 driver in the preamp and MOSFET amplifier section.  Very nice paired with these warm and dynamic speakers.  Fit and finish on the Peachtree Audio products is quite nice for the price.  I get very good sound from this combination; my Blu-Ray player and TV are also connected and sound great.

It's not an all-tube system.  I could have gone with one of Steve's integrated amps (the Torri SE just introduced for example) and the Wadia iTransport and a DAC like the PS Audio Data Link II, and Steve's bookshelf speakers. . . that would have created a really nice system. But I liked the idea of a DAC inside the Decco and the matching speakers, and wanted something different from my incredible Decware main system.  And this was a cheaper route.

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