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02/28/17 at 14:39:15 

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HDT Bass (Read 3793 times)
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HDT Bass
02/09/09 at 20:04:33
Was at my friends retail store the other day and got a JL Audio sub for cost. Also picked up a cheap mono-sub car audio amp at a pawn shop.

Built a sealed inclosure and installed it in the car.

Ouch! Listened to it for approximately 20 minutes then sold it!

After listening to the HDT bass for 2 years on the SET amps I had, my ears certainly do not tolerate slow, inaccurate bass any more. Would rather go without.
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Re: HDT Bass
Reply #1 - 02/10/09 at 00:20:44
Grin  !
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Re: HDT Bass
Reply #2 - 02/13/09 at 12:55:27

I have had my HDT's for several months now and I just built a similar set up for my wife's car. It is absolutely unlistenable! I have contemplated a new build and ways to make it sound better, but my good sense tells me nothing I do will make it sound "good" after being spoiled!

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