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06/18/18 at 01:19:46 


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Help with cheapo shop speakers (Read 1209 times)
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Help with cheapo shop speakers
02/06/09 at 21:27:09
Hello all.. long time forum user, looks like my old account went away, but I am BACK in action.  

Question about some cheapo speakers I use in my shop.  They are some old floor speakers that I want to build a new cabinet for, that will sit between the studs of the wall.  The shop wall isn't like a house wall, so I can't do in-walls on a plate, it has to be a full enclosure.

My question is about the old enclosure.  It has some weird setup and a HUGE port in the back.  Does this port seem excessive for what this is?  The enclosures have a 10", 5".

With the new enclosures do I need to mock the old design, or go a different route.  I know absolutely nothing about the drivers.  My feeling is they are too cheap to even worry about much, but I want to make these sound as good as possible.  Sealed be better than ported?
I have no specs on these speakers.

Port Width

Port Depth

The 10"

Old Box


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Eli Duttman
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Re: Help with cheapo shop speakers
Reply #1 - 02/07/09 at 00:49:28
Those speakers are DCM, a rather famous brand.  While they may be bottom of the line, complete guano is unlikely.

DCM's claim to fame is time alignment.  So, mounting the midrange over the tweeter is not at all crazy.  The TS parameters of drivers well suited to sealed enclosures and those well suited to vented enclosures are different.  Leave things alone.

Don't try to use those speakers with a low power tube amp.  They might sound pretty good driven by a tube preamp/SS power amp combo.
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