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06/25/18 at 17:14:18 


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Help Needed (Read 2914 times)
Stone Deaf
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Help Needed
01/31/09 at 17:12:41
I must be coming across as a complete idiot by now LOL.

I have my Taboo, CSP2, ZP3 all set up. I have a Pro-Ject Prospective turntable I planned to use. The Blue Point Special was getting a bit old so I ordered a new Clearaudio MM cartridge from Needle Doctor, my Wallmart doesn't carry a good line of audio products.

This isn't my first cartridge change but I can't get any sound through the speakers. I swapped back to the BP Special and the same thing no sound. When using the BP Special I did add a MC step up device.

I have tried swapping interconnects, swapping inputs to the CSP2, swapping tubes, making sure all the switches are in the right position. Everything lights up. I have even tried taking the ZP3 out of the equation using a Pro-Ject Phono Box SE II Preamplifier plugged straight into the CSP2. This worked with my other tube integrated amp but no sound from this.

I can hear a slight hum from the tone arm area. I have checked all the connections, made sure the wires to the cartridge are plugged in and not broken, if I had broken one still one side should have made sound. The table is grounded.

I spent 32 years as a journeyman electrician and as a maintenance electrician in one of the largest chemical plants in the USA. I have thought my troubleshooting skills to be excellent but I am running out of ideas can anyone help?
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My system: Decware Taboo, CSP2, ZP3, Pro-Ject RM 10 / Grado Reference Sonata, Adcom 700, ERR Radials, Lots of Mapleshade, Kimber and Herbie's stuff.
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Re: Help Needed
Reply #1 - 02/01/11 at 19:02:06
Does your system play with another source?  If it does will the phono play if plugged into the same RCA jacks as the other source.  Could you have connected the output of the phono stage to the phono cables---trying to identify the hum---if the phono preamp is the same as some of the amps chassis ground is not the same as circuit ground, by connecting the phono leads to output could cause the cartrige to respond to a ground loop humm.  Check all RCA cables for internal shorts.
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