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06/22/18 at 00:56:52 


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Phono pre ZKit? (Read 3788 times)
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Phono pre ZKit?
01/25/09 at 06:28:44
Is there a ZKit phono pre on the drawing board?  I am keen to go tube here to complement my other Decware gear and at this stage can't afford a ZP3.


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Re: Phono pre ZKit?
Reply #1 - 07/31/10 at 13:56:43
I would second this, if it came in around the same or lower price point as the zkit1 or the zsp1 I'd be game. Currently I'm looking at a schematic for a phono preamp that uses 4 6dj8's and a 6x4 for rectification, very similar layout to the zsp1 so I'm likely to build that. Cost will most likely be in the $200-$250 range for parts but I've had to put my HiFi habit on hold for school. So we'll see, if Steve is inclined I'd be interested Smiley
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Re: Phono pre ZKit?
Reply #2 - 08/01/10 at 04:31:57
I've considered just selling the circuit board I developed for the ZP3, however if you've ever read the ZKIT forums (or any DIY forum) you see how many people have hum and noise problems and then eventually overcome them when they get it right.  A phono stage with 42db of gain would compound that potential by a factor of 10.

You can see why I pause.

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