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01/20/17 at 05:55:16 

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12" Driver parameters that will work in DB12? (Read 2560 times)
Josh K
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12" Driver parameters that will work in DB12?
01/07/09 at 22:57:46
Sorry if this question has been asked and answered a hundred times but I didn't find it easily.  By the way, this forum is way slow (as in overhead) even at work on super high speed network.   This made it tedious to find info.

I have 4 12" TC2+ drivers looking for a home.  I saw the DB212 plans but I could find no mention of what drivers were suitable for the box.  I am not about to buy new drivers and I don't want to buy the plans till after I know the suitability.  Is it new and thus lack of info?

This is for home hi-fi, not car boomer.  SQ is of upmost importance.

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Re: 12" Driver parameters that will work in DB12?
Reply #1 - 01/13/09 at 15:04:41
I have only built one of the DB12s and was pleased with its perfomance. I used a subwoofer with about 10mm Xmax and TC looks to have about 20mm Xmax. I think it would work but with that kind of Xmax you could run into port noise. I would suggest a ported enclosure for best overall performance and range(SQ). With that kind of sub SPL will prolly be a given even if you are not wanting loud. The only way you will know if to build and BOOM. Just my two cents.

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