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WO amp for home theater (Read 2840 times)
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WO amp for home theater
12/23/08 at 04:10:33
Amp for home theater use
I have completed 24x36 WO and i am waiting for drivers from Steve .
My question is what amp to use  Parts Express  plate amp???
should speakers be wired Series or parralle
line in or high level in
Current system is Dennon 2307ci recevier Dennon 2910 DVD  50" plasma  with magnapan surrounds and a lame klipsch sub hooked up through the LFE input.12'x16x10' dedicated room  this system is tv dvd only  seperate 2-channel audio system . not looking for boom just tight accurate bass Maggies cross over at 100 hz
thanks Ben
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Re: WO amp for home theater
Reply #1 - 12/23/08 at 11:36:58
I think the 240w amp is enough but if you want a little more headroom the Bash 500w or the Dayton 500w would work perfectly. With these types of enclosures it does not take alot of power to make them go boom. The two subs offer by Steve seem to be around 8 ohms which is prolly more like 6 to 6.5 ohms. You can get away with running them in parallel which should allow the amp to perform at its best. As for connection to your HT I would use the LFE out and then split it to go into the amp's low end input(usually rca type connection). The plate amps have a left and right low end input. Most instruction say just to use a single input most of the time hooked to left input. I always use a splitter and hook up both left and right inputs. Both inputs are sum together and will help add a little input gain. If you need more info let me know.

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