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deathbox with different drivers? (Read 3465 times)
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deathbox with different drivers?
12/18/08 at 05:20:48
I read on this site one time, about someone using 4 deathboxes in extended cab truck. The spl was up there, I dont remember how much. My question is....I already have 2 DBs..I would like to do the 4 box setup just for giggles....I have 2 different sets of speakers. Would there be problems using 2 different set of drivers with completly different paramenters? Cancellation or anything like that? I have one set of Audiobahns that are pretty impressive as far as low extension, and a set of MTXs on the lower side of the scale. Would it be better to just do the clamshell thing with 2 boxes? Ideas anyone?  I have a sealed box under the seat now that sounds fairly nice for 10s. I am from the old school days. I dont remember getting the same output from 10s all them years ago.
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Re: deathbox with different drivers?
Reply #1 - 12/18/08 at 17:48:11
The best results will come from 4 separate boxes. You will likely have a few shifts in intensity depending on where the boxes tune, but my guess is that it will work itself out.

Not a problem with cancellation, but rather just peaks and nulls in response.

I have done this before with 8 enclosures. 4 10" and 4 12" in an extended cab truck. I have gotten more out of better designs, but it worked just fine then.

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