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Deathbox for sound quality ? iasca PRO division (Read 6835 times)
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Deathbox for sound quality ? iasca PRO division
11/13/08 at 23:06:15
Hi All,
here is my question, ive got a 1989 bmw e30 325i 4door vehicle which i currently compete in the PRO division in iasca sound quality competitions.
im currently running a DHM108B woofer in a 1cuft sealed enclosure, the enclosure is bolted underneath the rear parcel shelf, the subwoofer cone is fireing into the cabin, i currently get good subbass but lacking a little in the 30-20hz region...

ive got a built DEATHBOX sitting in the garage which i built some time ago, i was thinking of making up a adapter out of wood in order to bolt the deathbox to the underside of the parcel tray, the port will fire into the cabin, im running only highend car audio gear.
currently i have a jl audio 300/4 amplifier for my front stage and a jl audio 500/1v2 for my DHM108B subwoofer.

my crossover is a 24db/oct set at 65hz, i tend to swap it between 65hz and 55hz..
upfont for midbass ive catered for 60hz and up... so im getting 60hz upfront... no problems there...

what i want to know is this, can i tune the deathbox or will the deathbox work to give me flat response say from 60hz --> 25hz...or 20hz... i realise 20hz is a little ambitious for a single 10" driver.. i do realise there are variables...vehicle transfer function, cabin gain etc...

Can the deathbox be a good SOUND QUALITTY subwoofer enclosure?
or am i better off sticking to a 1cuft sealed enclosure?

is there anybody here who can comment?

my thoughts at one stage...i stand to be corrected...is that the deathbox is more of a spl box??

i am at one stage going to be rebuilding the front end with 7" vifa midbass drivers, 3" dome midrange scanspeaks and 1" vifa tweeters

so low frequency EXTENSION is what im after not low frequency  re-inforcement...
but a touch of upper subb-bass say in the 40-60hz region would do my midbass/subbass integration the world of good...

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Steve Deckert

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Re: Deathbox for sound quality ? iasca PRO division
Reply #1 - 11/18/08 at 16:33:10
The Deathbox is a sound quality design with decent SPL.  As for the low freq extension, the cut off will be largely determined by the cabin gain profile of the vehicle.  As a general rule, with the DHM108 you should have no problem hitting a solid 30Hz in the car.  

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Re: Deathbox for sound quality ? iasca PRO division
Reply #2 - 11/25/08 at 15:57:29
I have used the Deathbox 10 in my room for ~3 years and it has pleased my ears lots of times Smiley

One little thing I didn't like was a large peak at ~120hz, which was a bit obvious even with it crossed at 50hz with a 12dB / octave slope. It could have very well been because the way it was tuned.

I say you can give it a shot.
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