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New customs options available for the ZCD (Read 9633 times)
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Re: New customs options available for the ZCD
Reply #50 - 11/24/09 at 16:30:24
Yeah, haven't tried one of those.

I've put the ZCD away again.  Put the SONY SCDXA5400ES CD/SACD PLAYER back in and wow, I missed it, it has the ease and tonal balance that the ZCD doesn't seem to for me.  And it plays SACDs which puts things into another level.  So the ZCD is going to sit out for a while, I just prefer the Sony.  The machine weighs 26 pounds, the case and the transport are really something. You really get your money's worth.

Edit to say output from this player with the CSP2 turned up to full gain and into the Torii is the best sound I've ever had in my system.

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