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06/21/18 at 07:43:12 


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Help with simple home system, want to use Decware (Read 2013 times)
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Help with simple home system, want to use Decware
10/08/08 at 03:44:22

I'm helping my parents with a new remodel and they want to put music in a few rooms. They don't really do well with tons of buttons and screens etc. So I thought it would be best just to go as simple and straightforward as possible. Volume knob over flipper with 89 buttons and input selections if you know what I mean.


3 different rooms (three different sets of speakers)
1 main location for gear (Sat Receiver, CD Player, Blue Ray, Amps, Preamps Etc)
Ability to control volume for each pair of speakers (this doesn't have to be done in each room, it could all be done at the main location).

The way I see it I need at least 6 channels of amplification and three sets of inputs (bc Blue Ray sucks as a CD player the thing takes 1 min to come alive and it always tries to turn on the tv even if it's just  a cd).

Any help is appreciated.


Is it okay to just use enough Y cables off the back of a cd player or sat receiver to get the 3 individual pairs of input signals I need? Or does this cause problems.

My dad just had a huge knee surgery so I don't think he'll be a big fan or getting up to change the volume. Is there any way to use a remote volume control on a Decware amp?

How do I arrange enough input signals in to the amps, I believe they only have one input (maybe the Tori has 2).

Is it worth going tube when I have long cable runs? Is SS just a much easier solution. If so what kind of distribution gear do I need, any rec's.

Thanks again,

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Re: Help with simple home system, want to use Decware
Reply #1 - 10/08/08 at 13:03:13
Maybe more complicated than you want, but I did a similar system using a wireless server.  


The white box is the sonos receiver.  You just plug your amps to that, no wires back to anywhere else.  Each box also has RCA in.

The remote can control volume in any room, setup playlists, etc.  No more difficult than an ipod really.  You can also access internet radio station, or services like Pandora.

John C.  

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Re: Help with simple home system, want to use Decware
Reply #2 - 10/08/08 at 15:15:36
I think you can find an option on your Blu-Ray player that will allow it to not "control" or command the TV or other device hooked up via HDMI cable.  I have the top of the line Sony Blu-Ray player and it sounds fabulous as a cd player, yes it takes a minute to boot up (it's a computer) but if you leave it on all the time it doesn't take that long to get a cd going and the sound is marvelous.

I don't know about multi-room systems but you can't go wrong if you use Decware amplification. . .the Integrated would probably be great if you could afford three of them. . . .
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