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03/23/17 at 03:30:33 


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DECFEST 2008 LIVE BROADCAST (Read 10899 times)
Randy in Caintuck
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Tube be ... or not
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Reply #15 - 10/07/08 at 15:30:36
I was connected for about 4 hours Saturday night and for about 1 1/2 hours on Sunday ..... no problem through my DSL link.

My computer speakers are not the best or the worst in the world ..... but it was not hard to hear a difference between the speakers that were in use at the 'Fest .....

Thanks again Steve for making it possible for me to "attend" .....

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Reply #16 - 10/07/08 at 15:45:55
I loved it too, and I have no idea about how to connect a computer to audiophile speakers, so I listened through my horrible Apple MacBook speakers, thinking I would run get my B&O headphones, yet the terrible speakers let me hear just how awesome the Decware is...so I stayed with it.

I suggest a permanent podcast episode edited down to include several amp and speaker combos, the CD player versus the box added to any brand CD, turntable versus CD, etc.  that is all handled in a nice tight 10-20 minutes.  

And also a new webpage dedicated as to how to set up an audiophile listening set-up for computers.

Thank you!

Steve Hinkey Shocked
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Interested in tube rolling/power ideas/multiple speaker connectio
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