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PC TEST GEAR (Read 1929 times)
Richard Basaker
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08/11/08 at 17:30:41
Question for Steve Deckert,
In pictures of you new shop, are you using PC test gear? If so what programs are you using, or recomend as I want to replace my very large tubed analog test gear.  

Thanks again for any information, have a good day!
Richard Basaker
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Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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Reply #1 - 08/27/08 at 15:20:12

Replacing it would be a bad idea, however having both can be a real asset.  There are a variety of sound card driven software packages out there that will do virtually everything you need with the right interfaces.

I started with a simple freeware program designed to measure the sound card itself.  If it can do that, it can certainly measure an amplifier or preamp and it will.  The only thing that you can't do without spending money is measure the RMS power or distortion at full power of anything over a few watts. (or measure specs that exceed the specs of the sound card used)

I'll check the name of the little program I started with next time I'm at the bench and report back.

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