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01/22/17 at 08:11:39 

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DVC problem!? (Read 2158 times)
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DVC problem!?
08/11/08 at 08:56:10
Ok I've built a DB for my two audiobaun 12s with DVC. I thought that I had them wired right but it sounds really bad. I've got each one wired four ohms. I thought that I reversed the polarity on the second one but I'm not sure. Can someone please explain how they should be wired up? Thanks
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Re: DVC problem!?
Reply #1 - 08/13/08 at 10:11:00
If you are using 2 in a db you are using the clamshelled, right ?
One should be wired out of phase.

Are the speaker's dvc's ? If so, what ohm load are you looking for ? I would probably wire the coils on each speaker in series and the speakers themselfes in paralel.
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