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06/25/18 at 03:33:18 


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CSP2 REVIEW (Read 4465 times)
Steve Deckert

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07/09/08 at 05:39:36
Here's a review of the CSP2 (with less than 2 weeks of burn in) as a headphone amplifier on Headfi.org!


-Steve Smiley
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Reply #1 - 07/13/08 at 05:27:35
That certainly was a very nice write up---congrats!!

I'm still on CSP "1" status but intend to upgrade when I can make myself do without for awhile.

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Reply #2 - 07/31/08 at 16:19:39
Hey Folks,
I just got my old CSP back after having been upgraded to a CSP2 by Steve.  VERY IMPRESSIVE from the get go!  While I haven't yet re-paired it with either my Taboo or Zen monoblocks at my office, I hooked it up to my Bottlehead iron/cap-upgraded Paramours at home  and all I can say is WOW at both the silence and the music!

I guess I thought my Paramours had much hum, but in fact it was a mostly a noisy preamp in front of them.   The CSP2 is truly dead-silent.  The music played (Ryan Adams - 29, a great recording and great music as well) sounded much more dynamic and just plain "juicier" than ever before.  

Out of my various preamps (B-head non-modified Foreplay, minimax and Fi-Y) the CSP2 is the hands-down winner.  It has the dynamics of the minimax, but far better resolution and a more quiet, non-hummy black background.   Quite a deal at $250 for the upgrade.  I'm now inspired by the CSP2's performance to do some more of my own benchwork and upgrade my Foreplay so it can compete in the running!

Thanks again Steve and I'll let you know how it changes with burn-in.  

PS:  I still need to install the Decware modified Fostex 6's and will report back on that too.

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Reply #3 - 08/14/08 at 20:35:25
Man, I wonder what the reviewer would of thought if he threw in a real 6DJ8, or 6922? Grin
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