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06/23/18 at 09:33:08 


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car audio for the home... (Read 1941 times)
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car audio for the home...
05/05/08 at 00:33:51
Another post caught my attention recently - here's a question for the forum: has anybody compared any of the 'battery operated' amps (specifically Altmann's BYOB) to Decware's? Bob Altmann seems to have, but he is obviously interested in selling BYOB's. Red Wine Audio is another.

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Re: car audio for the home...
Reply #1 - 05/05/08 at 03:02:14
Tim: Not sure I'd classify RedWine as "car audio",  I've heard a few class "T" amps, (or Tripath chip based), and compared to my Decware Select, well, the one's I've heard don't compare, at least not in the areas important to me, areas like detail, soundstaging and the ability to listen for extended periods without fatigue. (I have a class"T" amp as well, but it never gets plugged in)
I've read good things about the battery powered amps from Red Wine, but haven't heard one.
The idea of mains isolation is very appealing, though.
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