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amp problem, help me please (Read 1626 times)
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amp problem, help me please
04/30/08 at 02:57:08
today i bouht 2kicker solo baric l5 12"  subs and a power acoustic amp thats 850 watts max from a friend and when i hoooked it up  i started the car to try it out and the amp light turned on and then dimed out this all happend in 10 sec and then nothing worked please help me i spent alot of money on this
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Re: amp problem, help me please
Reply #1 - 05/04/08 at 04:31:48
check all fuses of course. If you went to the battery for power you have only the inline that should be close to the battery and the fuse on the amp.
I would guess its the one on the amp if it is the fuse.

double check the fuses for continuity ( a complete circuit)  

check for voltage at the point of the cable going to the amp using the same ground connection at the amp and back track from there.

disconnect the speaker cables from the amp and see if the amp turns on

If your fuses and cable are good and your not grounding out your speaker cables you may be hooped. A short in a speaker cable can also kill an amp without blowing the fuse.  

Because the light dimmed out it did receive power and then possibly shorted out. that would make me want to check my speaker hook up.

That will get you started. I am not around much so I may not return to this thread. So good luck
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