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Decware SETs vs "the other stuff" (Read 1145 times)
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Re: Decware SETs vs "the other stuff"
Reply #45 - 05/28/07 at 16:53:10
Randy in Caintuck wrote on 05/25/07 at 21:46:18:
Oh well ..... different strokes and all that.  Just to show you how tastes vary between listeners, I much prefer the Decware SV83 / EL84 amps to the integrated.  Two totally different sounds for sure.  It all boils down to personal taste .....  8-)


I feel exactly the same, I like the Select much better than any tube amp I have ever heard, it is a type of sound that no other tube has been able to produce to my ears.   I personally think it is the tube the SV83/EL84, this is why when Steve announced he was making a integrated amplifier I was hoping it was going to be SV83 based, and when he announced he was planning a push pull I was hoping it was going to be SV83 based.  Well of course he went with EL34's instead.

For some reason in audio, the EL84 is overlooked a lot, how many SET, and SEP EL84 amps are on the market?  I haven't seen but a handful, but there are plenty of 2A3's, EL34's, 45's, 300B's, and many other ones.

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Re: Decware SETs vs "the other stuff"
Reply #46 - 05/28/07 at 17:33:36
Well, just to prove it's all different. . . I really like the sound that Steve has gotten out of the EL34s in my Monoblocks.  The overall signature is very very much like the Select I had for years, but. . . more power and perhaps a bit less etched, two things going for it.
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Re: Decware SETs vs "the other stuff"
Reply #47 - 05/28/07 at 17:45:38
Funny thing is the Integrated that I liked so much had KT77 (or maybe they were KT88s?) tubes in it. I assume the construction is the same and therefore the EL34 "Base" is still there.

I have thought a lot about what we listened to that night and I have to admit I only got a few minutes to here the integrated. I stepped out to watch the TV for a little while and when I came back the Carina had been hooked up. I have to admit that amp sounded as sweet as anything I have ever heard.

I wonder if variety is as important as definitive components. When one finds a good sounding amp and a good sounding speaker, it is then to work on the room and the interconnects, power cables, placement, etc. And even after all that I would bet that tube rolling would still reveal certain things with each combination. I think when I am settled and have my amp placed, I am likely to be a constant roller of tubes simply to listen to something a little different for a while. I am also likely to build a new speaker every couple of weeks. That is just my nature. Sometimes I wish I could decide that one was the "best" and just listen to it and enjoy the music, but I am the person who enjoys hearing "different" as much as "better".

Something to think on

Take care,
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Re: Decware SETs vs "the other stuff"
Reply #48 - 05/28/07 at 17:55:47
Gee Terry, in the overall history of domestic tubed gear, I think you'll find the EL84/6BQ5 is not so much intentionally overlooked, as simply unseen.  

While it's easy for us to consider only separate components featuring the devices you mentioned as serious audio gear, there are probably more hidden treasure SET & SEP chassis lurking under the skin of the parent's stereo console, Grundig mantle radio or Aunt Bessie's electronic organ than we can count.  Based on the satisfaction that many of us have obtain recycling these organ donors, which even with minimal parts upgrading can deliver stunning bang for the buck, the power amp stage of many of these systems was not the weakest link - that Garrard stacking record player with Astatic crystal pickup however ......  :-X

I'd also wager that more than a few "newer" designs are based on some of these 50yr old circuits.

There's nothing transcendentally magical about the SV83 device itself, or the "glamour girls" 2A3/300B, etc., or even SS devices as heard in the latest generations of digital amps,  all of us have heard underwhelming systems using any of these.  

All real world (i.e. affordable) audio gear is a balance of acceptable compromises, and Steve's implementation of the Zen series is quite crafty; as indicated by a number of posts throughout  the history of this forum, other designers or tweakers would make some different decisions -  but as anyone who has heard the amps will affirm, it's the results that count, and there's no question these sing for themselves.
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