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SV83's...... (Read 3415 times)
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04/19/08 at 17:13:15
Noticed that New Sensor still has SV83's listed and vaguely recall there might have been a bit of a odor about  them.  Is anyone making a modern day equivalent or is there just one AUTHENTIC SV83 and it's out of production?

(I did a search and didn't come up with much here.)
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Re: SV83's......
Reply #1 - 04/20/08 at 11:37:49
To  my knowledge, the Svetlana SV83 is  the only  "authentic"  production SV83(and  labeled as  such).  There are plenty of  sources  for them, but  they aren't always  good.

When you  say the New Sensor variations have   "a  bit  of  an odor about hem" are  you  saying that litterally, or as in 'they  stink' (quality  wise?)

I  have  a fairly big  lot of  6P15P-EV/6N15N-EVs  and  have  had  a good  number  cryo  treated.  They are  outstanding  and  have  gotten  very good  feedback from some  folks  here.

I have a few  remainng (see classifieds)

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Re: SV83's......
Reply #2 - 04/20/08 at 23:01:14
There are 3 grades of this tube.  All are N.O.S. Russian tubes that were made until 1986.  When I started manufacturing the Zen amps there were confirmed at least 10,000 of these tubes available.  The highest grade is a mil spec tube with higher impact ratings and longer life.  The number of these tubes remains unknown.  They were never branded with the Svetlana brand.   The original Svetlana branded tubes are mostly owned by our customers leaving about 2000 of the original 10,000 still floating around.  Since New Sensor purchased the Svetlana name a few years back, the consistency of the original batch was lost so I stopped purchasing them.

We only buy the top grade mil spec 6P15P-EV aka 6n15n-EB tubes directly from Russia and Europe for all of our production amplifiers that use that tube.

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