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DB12 build PICS! (Read 12839 times)
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Re: DB12 build PICS!
Reply #15 - 04/19/08 at 14:42:49
speakerfreak7 wrote on 04/19/08 at 06:14:24:
wow that's pretty cool. i might have to make one of those.

i figured  :)

its really nice to have great sound anywhere, quality full range drivers are amazing.

if im building a box, working in the yard, on my car, bbq, beach, or anywhere where i want to listen to good quality music, i just take the boom box with freshly charged batteries and like i said, it runs for 16 hours or so depending on volume.

its louder than any other boombox ive ever heard and the quality of the sound is wayyyyyyy better.

no crappy radio reception for me while im busy, plug the ipod in and im rocking with quality till im done. Cool
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