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Where to buy SV83 tubes ? (Read 2676 times)
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Where to buy SV83 tubes ?
04/16/08 at 23:48:09
I usually buy tubes from thetubestore.com (I'm canadian, so no border fees) but the SV83s they have are the wrong kind. (small logo)

I know 6P15P-EV are available on ebay in lot of 8 tubes ... I don't want that many ... Undecided

So where do you buy yours ?  8-)
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Re: Where to buy SV83 tubes ?
Reply #1 - 04/17/08 at 03:52:20
You can get the military 6n15n-ev's here, from the Decware catalog. If you scroll down the catalog page, you'll come to a tube replacement link near the bottom. They're $15 apiece, which seems pretty good for a onesy-twosy type purchase. As you've noticed, you've got to buy quite a few before getting the price down much lower, (plus you would also know Decware is a superb place to do business with).

There are also a few cryo'ed pairs available in the Decware classifieds for $22 apiece; which is not a screaming deal on the one hand, but not unreasonable, again, for onesy-twosy purchases.

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