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HT amp question (Read 96 times)
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HT amp question
02/04/08 at 21:00:41
Seems I can't post on the other forum, so I'll ask my question here. If you have a 5 channel amp for HT and decide to do away with the center channel speaker do you have to do anything for the amp when you remove that speaker?
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Re: HT amp question
Reply #1 - 02/04/08 at 21:22:25
If you go into your set up mode, or speaker level adjustment section on your amp, there should be a choice for no center channel, and small center and large etc. Just turn it off,or turn the center volume level all the way off..     Dave Smiley
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Re: HT amp question
Reply #2 - 02/05/08 at 19:08:09
I think you want to set the center channel speaker to off, otherwise in any mode other than 2 channel stereo only, you'll lose whatever the processor has decided to send to that amplifier channel.  On true 5.1  material, that would tend to be dialog.

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Re: HT amp question
Reply #3 - 02/11/08 at 01:33:13
There may also be a switch somewhere on the receiver for something often called "phantom center channel", that when turned on routes the center channel information to the front main speakers.  This often sounds better if you're sitting in the center simply because the main speakers are larger than the center channel speaker, hence better sound quality.

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