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heat build up in wicked one? (Read 2410 times)
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heat build up in wicked one?
01/13/08 at 00:50:29
hey guys,  
ive built a wicked one for my 8" subs
and altho they are total crap subs,    I think that they got too hot and one
of them burned up a little bit   -  so I took the "lid off the box to check"

and one of my subs was smelling of burned up electrical type odor from the magnet area,
that sub ohmed out at 3.5    the other sub was warm,  but ok  and ohmed at 3.8
- does a typical sub ohm higher or lower once its burned out?
4ohm regular - then burned out = 5+ ohm / or 3- ohm ?

I had the magnet facing the sealed area,   so I decided to swap the good speaker around,  so the magnet was facing the port side,   and the speaker fired directly in to the sealed chamber ( like a db )
and try it like that ( with only the one speaker )
and it sounded ok to me by ear,   but only one speaker was playing,  
generaly when they are facing this way is it ok to reverse wire the speakers so they fire to the ported side,   or should I keep speaker polarity to fire twards the sealed chamber?
I tried both ways,  and strangely enough,   I think i liked the way it sounded when it was firing twards the sealed chamber.

so other than that,    does any one else have any experience with their subs getting hot  when the magnets are in the sealed chamber?     or generaly its not an issue,?
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