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06/22/18 at 18:25:13 


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WO: Seven years of thumping (Read 3586 times)
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WO: Seven years of thumping
01/11/08 at 03:53:35
I completed my Wicked one in April 2000 and it's still thumping as the subwoofer in my home theater. It has survived in cool, wet climate (Seattle) and hot, humid climate (South Florida). It's been through two hurricanes and 6,600 miles of driving. This box is fantastic. Here's how mine turned out:
1) I used the standard 36" plan - no deviations and very careful assembly (we took about three months)
2) The drivers are Infinity Perfect 10s - these have been very tolerant of abuse
3) The amp is the power section of an old Kenwood integrated amp from 1981 - 180 watts per channel into 4 ohms; I really wonder what it would sound like with 300 watts per channel...
4) Placement of the box causes a tremendous difference in performance. I have found that tipping the box on its side and facing the mouth into the corner of the room (behind the TV), with about 6" of clearance sounded the best... YMMV You can feel the bass in your chest.
5) Don't underestimate the weight of this beast when it's done!

I've been really, really happy with the Wicked One!

Here are the construction pictures from March/April 2000:http://gracevideo.com/image/tid/13
Note that they are in reverse order.
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Re: WO: Seven years of thumping
Reply #1 - 07/24/08 at 16:02:21


I built mine about the same time...I enjoyed it in the livingroom so much during testing, that I Just never took it out to "finish" it like you did yours. It's full of coffee stains and spilled flower vase water and probably cat puke and just keeps on thumping. I've probably had a half dozen different 10" drivers in her over the years.

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