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DB II Tuning (Read 3139 times)
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DB II Tuning
01/06/08 at 23:09:57

I'm working on my DBII. I have just about finished the cabinet, and as such have started playing around with tuning. I'm using the Decware recommended woofer. The insert is working well in that I had to use some bar soap on the edges to make it easier to move within the box. I'm having a bit of a challenge tuning it by ear. When I sweep it with my audio generator I see that the lower end resonance is at about 40 Hz i.e. the fs of the driver, and another resonance between 150 180 Hz. I have read that most seem to set it when the insert is 1.5 inches above the bottom of the box. I find lots of air noise  when it's in this location. I'm wondering if anyone has used this woofer and found the " sweet spot" to be a few inches above the port opening. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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Re: DB II Tuning
Reply #1 - 01/07/08 at 00:53:38
The 1.5 inches off the bottom is typical for people searching for the lowest extension and flattest overall response.  The air noise comes from the hard edges at the port opening, which should all be rounded over with an 1/8 inch round over bit or hand sanded.  The air noise comes from turbulence.

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