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09/05/15 at 00:13:39

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RL2's updates? (Read 8255 times)
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Re: RL2's updates?
Reply #15 - 08/21/08 at 19:43:36

The Fat Bob (it's a Fat Bob in the Dyna series, not the Softail series Fat Boy, which is also a killer bike) is pretty nice. . . was a big seller and hard to get last year, I got lucky and got one that someone's financing fell through on.  

If I'd been thinking more clearly I might have gone for a Road King, but I'm pretty happy with it, though I'm not riding that much.  I'm living in Austin, TX.

We probably shouldn't be hijacking this Radial thread! Wink

DD, I'm really not that much a fan of the Audiotalk site. . . sorry to say!
Don't post there much, or visit much really.  (I'm offline a lot less overall these days and happier for it, reading a lot more books.)
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