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Sound of 1956 Imperial vs Decware Imperial (Read 2803 times)
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Sound of 1956 Imperial vs Decware Imperial
11/02/07 at 01:18:00
Okay, I bought the plans today, and so now I can appreciate at least SOME of what Steve did:  used the cubic space of the cabinet more efficiently (no dead space), made the horn bigger, esp. the mouth, and of course made it sturdier.

And I read that he made it to be less driver-sensitive than the original ones.

I have two questions:  

*do all drivers that work well in the original Jensen work as well (or better) in the Decware Imp?

*the new one is designed for 2 15's.  Does the space behind the driver need to be reduced to use with 1?

I guess that's it. I am REALLY enjoying listening to my old Jensen cabs with Tannoy Golds (1 15" per cab), and wondering about better braced cabs with a bigger mouth...

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