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Newbie questions- TABOO & CSP (Read 2316 times)
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Newbie questions- TABOO & CSP
10/01/07 at 17:36:42
Okay, so I haven't yet received Brad's TABOO and CSP and as the seconds drag by I have some general questions:

1. What is preferred for the CSP- leave it on all the time or turn it on before listening? I typically listen about an hour to three per evening (M-F), though I may go a week without listening.

2. I assume (always dangerous) that I would turn on the TABOO just for listening to extend the life of the output tubes. Correct?

3. What gets power first- CSP or TABOO? Which one do I turn off the power on first?

4. I think I need to have speakers connected before I turn the TABOO on, but it's okay not to have sources connected. Correct? Any thing I should know about the CSP in this manner?

Coming from a tube integrated, I always turned it off after listening. The Cary also didn't want to have any thing connected ('cept the power) to bias.

Any other helpful hints are welcome.

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Re: Newbie questions- TABOO & CSP
Reply #1 - 10/01/07 at 22:10:32
1 - I turn my CSP 2 off when I'm not listening.  I would say it sounds at about 95% after the first minute (which is great anyway) and reaches 100% within 15 or 20 mins.  I don't feel compelled that I'm missing that much that I want to add extra heat and burn fossil fuels, and my tubes, especially when I can't guarantee that I'll listen extensively tomorrow.  Same with my amps.

2  -  see 1.

3 - Power up source - pre-amp - amp.  This way you don't 'spike' the amp when you turn on other devices.  Power down in the opposite manner - amp - preamp - source.

4-  Absolutely do not turn on the amp without speakers connected unless you 'know what your doin'.  you risk burning your output transformers or other componentry without having a load on them if there is a source signal running into the amp.   You dont' need a source plugged when you want to listen to 'the sounds of silence' or part of debugging a hum.  Althought I don't htink you'll blow anything up by plugging or unplugging things into the CSP, it is prudent to not be plugging things in and out with things on cause tubes are hot, volages are high, and accidents happen.  The Taboo is self biasing, so there really is no reason to not have speakers connected.

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Re: Newbie questions- TABOO & CSP
Reply #2 - 10/02/07 at 12:53:43
Agree with Yoda on this, except to say my csp and selects don`t come fully "on song" for I reckon about 30 mins. I tend to power up the amps and cd player about a half hour before I sit down for a session.

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