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06/20/18 at 06:49:23 


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DBISO? (Read 2983 times)
Hellion DarkLord
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09/19/07 at 00:08:58
What do you guys think?  Back to the 4" 33FS  drivers from the speaker building thread,   Quote:
The drivers are 4" across and have an FR of about 33hz give or take an hz.  I was wondering what you guys think would give the best presentation.  I was thinking of scaling the WO, (half size about 12" by 16")  or buying the plans for a Home Wrecker so that I could try multiple loadings with the tiny drivers.  My aunt only wants something that will fit under the end table and DEFINATELY not something boomy.  What you guys think?  I'm leaning towards the wo, but the multiple arangements of the HW seem to be a good thing.  I'm just worried that I will not be able to get very much sound from two 4" drivers, but seem to remember something about the cone area of the drivers summing when they are clamshelled.   Man it's been a LONG time since I last worked on this stuff, and I'm really really rusty.

I have been wondering if clamshelling or running the two drivers like an isobaric in a scaled deathbox would be a good idea.  What if I made the BD full sized and put the drivers in the same baffle?  Would that make any sense?


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Reply #1 - 09/23/07 at 12:17:30
wo seems a bit more forgiving to mods compared to the db.
not sure how much bass you can expect out of a scaled one.
another thing worth considering is a wo scaled down to just fit under the table. depending on the size, you could be able to fit both drivers on the same baffle.
hope it helps.
and if you decide to build it, post pics Smiley
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