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01/18/17 at 01:44:44 

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whats the best design for.... (Read 130 times)
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whats the best design for....
07/27/07 at 01:06:46
hey guys.. Ok. I have a 12" bravox edx 12" 4 ohm dvc. It will rms at 2000+ daily. I have a orion xtr pro 2400 its 2400 rms @ 2 ohms.  Its a monster sub. My question is what box design would you suggest for this single 12" sub.  I have plenty of room. I want something geared more towards sql rather than all out spl. A high output daily driver. Usually I'd just do about 3 ft3 slot tuned at 33-35. But want to try something different.. any suggestions???   thanks,  Joe
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Re: whats the best design for....
Reply #1 - 07/27/07 at 03:47:01
death box ll,

go to the speaker page on this forum and look for the death box (12 inch version)

very high quality bass, as loud as you want.

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Re: whats the best design for....
Reply #2 - 07/28/07 at 15:00:52
I have built them all. along with basic boxes and boxes of my own design.
Presently I am using a DB12 in my suburban. I have had a WO/WO32/DB10/sealed and ported boxes in there. As big as the DB12 is it takes up the least room for me and provides the best sound.
I have begun to like the DB12 over the others in sound SQ. My DB is carpeted inside and also has some dacron fill.

In my burb the DB12 is a definite winner. The 12" WO32 was pretty cool but way too big.
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