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Deathbox 10 With Fixed Insides (Read 466 times)
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Deathbox 10 With Fixed Insides
06/04/07 at 07:42:33
Has anyone here built a Deathbox 10 with fixed innards?  The reason I ask is because many if
not most constructors have said they liked it the best with the insert at about 1.5 inches, which
is also where my insert ended up.  The 2 different tens that I have used both seemed to like
that tuning.  

I would like to build another box and it seems like I could greatly simplify construction by
mounting the duct (panel F) solidly to the front and sides, and also permanently gluing the baffle
boards to the sides.  Since there would no longer be any insert sides, I presume the chamber
between the baffles and the duct would have to be made shorter in height to retain the same
cubic volume?  That would place the driver closer to the duct.  I donít know if that would cause
any problems or not.  There would also be a slight increase in the size of the back chamber
behind the woofer.  Or the height of the cabinet could be reduced to retain the same size

The box would still retain the virtue of having the optimal tuning.  It would also cut in half the
build time and eliminate the tedious fitting and sealing of the insert.
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Re: Deathbox 10 With Fixed Insides
Reply #1 - 06/04/07 at 12:37:02
Been doing it for years. I have an enclosure in my car that is similar to this. Just can't say it's a DB anymore. It would then simply be a 4th order band pass box.

It isn't super picky, but having the adjustments guarantees that you can get it to sound good in any environment where making it solid doesn't leave any play room.

Something to keep in mind

Take care,
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Re: Deathbox 10 With Fixed Insides
Reply #2 - 06/06/07 at 05:26:51
Glad to hear it is feasible.  Although you are probably right that I would end up with something other than
a genuine Deathbox.

This is my first foray into bandpass boxes.  Except for once when I played around using WinISD trying to
come up with a 6th order bandpass for a 15" or 18" similar to designs on a pro sound site, but I never got
around to building one.  Come to think of it, I may try modeling this box and see what WinISD says.  
Just out of curiosity.
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